In the dark at work? How to ask for more feedback.

In the dark at work? How to ask for more feedback.

Timing matters. So does how you’ve reacted to criticism in the past.

 Dear Annie: I liked your article about why performance appraisals may not be very accurate, but I find myself with a different problem, which is that I’m not getting any feedback at all. My boss usually gives me, and everyone else on my team, some vague instructions at the beginning of each assignment and then leaves the rest up to us.

In a way, it’s flattering that he trusts us to figure things out, but this is only my second job out of college and I would really appreciate a little more guidance. Yet he’s always so busy that, when I ask, I feel like I’m bothering him. (Last time I tried to speak with him, he rolled his eyes when he saw me in the doorway.) What’s the best way to ask for some feedback about how
I’m doing, without seeming needy? — Dancing in the Dark



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